A brand design story board.

Brand background and brief.

In an incredibly short time frame only made possible in close, productive collaboration with the client, Designify began a strategic rebranding design process for the company. Preeview pivoting into a new industry needed a brand new, appropriate, and sophisticated look for the brand. With a new vision for the future of the company set to lead and set the tone for social dining events in South Africa.

Moving forward, Designify worked up and evolved the brand design across all imaginable touchpoints in weekly intervals, reviewing and developing all aspects of the design closely with the core team from Preeview.

Notable aspects of the design challenge were not only size and scope, but also developing an appropriate tone to the copyrighting, creating specific design guidelines exclusively for social media pages and designing the UI and experience of the website.

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Let’s jump to the specifics.

Brand Identity.

Let’s Let’s jump to the specifics.