A brand design story board

Brand background and brief.

The Designify team set out to create a robust winter sports themed brand identity design which was to be an appropriately coloured, styled, and themed for the snowy mountain side town, Breckenridge on the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

Starting with the logo design, influenced by the altitude and the sheer magnitude of the height of Rocky Mountain range and its peaks, Designify created a range of minimalist logo designs for the client. Ultimately deciding on the most minimalist but creative of the bunch.

Hopping onto international zoom calls for the first time with the client as the team began to gather and execute the beginning of what was to become of the brand identity design. Generating a professional yet sporty brand identity influenced by the colours the eye will see from the peak of the mountain.

Let’s jump to the specifics.

Brand identity.

Let’s take a look at the specifics.